Unconference Yourself HAPPINESS OF FREELANCING (IN ENGLISH)-Tuesday 24- 08:00-09:30 (Lausanne)


Unconference Yourself welcomes the current and future freelancers around Switzerland for learning and sharing all about the Happiness at Work while Freelancing!

The early morning event invites to discuss the best solutions to the main challenges of self-employment, that lead to true Happiness of Freelancing:

  • Building a healthy routine and creating a balance during constant changes
  • Mastering self-discipline and boosting productivity
  • Creating a solo work environment and staying socially active
  • Playing many roles in one person with the help of tools, applications, and collaborations
  • Managing the stress of variable finances and difficult situations with clients

This interactive Unconference shares the tools and best practices to assure the tangible outcome and lasting impact on each of the participants and their Happy Freelancing!

Intervenante: Ausra Juknyte, Unconference Yourself

Lieu: Cercle ouvrier lausannois, Salle Jean Jaurès, Place Chauderon 5, 1003 Lausanne

Jour: mardi 24 septembre

Horaire: 08:00-09:30

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